Getting out of a funk

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getting out of a funk

There isnt an end to it. The game of the funk continues, until there isn’t anything else left. There isn’t anything left inside when all you do is run away from what you need to do. All that exists in the sadness of your heart, is the work that you need to do in order to continue surviving. If your life is broken, fix it. Otherwise you’re continuously looking to fix the game of life.

There are two options and nothing else. Option 1 is continuing down the path to nothingness and fading away. Option 2 is fighting back and doing that thing you need to do, to get out of the funk. Sometimes you stick yourself to Option1, because you want to help others that find themselves in the same funk. And you’re looking for a way out, so you can share that way out with others. There isn’t a way out.

Best way to figure this out, is by distracting yourself. Watching a movie. When you watch a movie, your mind shifts focus. And hence, you CAN find a way out mentally. You can switch your mental mind-frame pretty easily. Make fun of the thing that gives you trouble. Make light. Make PLAY.

Why do you feel depressed or swollen? Why do you resort to comfort as your option. It is fear of disappointment and rejection. It is ultimately the fear of making someone feel bad because of you. You’re a saint not a sinner, and hence you feel under-pressure to be the best you can. Because that’s society. Society that forms around people that are productive and helpful and are NOT sadness. But, everyone and everything is sadness. And everyone and everything is contempt.

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