I h ave a question

Dream Feed

Why is there questions? Why not just answers? Why doubts, why dreams why smiles nd why theives. Why is there music in the mind of the dumb and numbness in the sight of the lumb. Er. Why have we so vicikldy seen a vivid dream inside a mind’s eye that deceives it cry. Why have faith in the sun when you dont even know that the sun is brown in the inside out. When we see the light in our fires belly rumble, and our hearts become better than itself that is hen we come. We come together and in peace we light and we fight. That is viva liveratution. We drink and we get drunk. I have a queestion. Are queers allowerd to marry, because we can carry and farry all the way through to the end of the ocean. Why do you maniputate when you have to see the goocean. The groceries wont buy themselves now, will they?

photo credit: Jan Tik via photopin cc



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