Does it hang you, or does it hand you?

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What does life do to you? How do you to choose to live your life?

Do you want it to hand over everything to you without any effort? Better friendships, better careers, better families, in the blink of an eye? – It’ll all get boring after a while, because the fun in these things are the challenge and final perseverance. What would you do if everything was just handed to you, and you didn’t have to work to attain something?

You start off by meeting someone briefly, and only knowing them for a short period of time. You then get closer and closer, until you start talking about your family lives, relationships, weaknesses, love affairs, politics – everything that you wouldn’t dare talk with random strangers about. Eventually, you start talking about the meaning of life, and the topic comes and goes – it fades away every now and then- and you continue on merrily.

You get closer and closer to someone. The chase is exhilarating, and it makes us feel alive. Alive and fearless, like we can get everything we want in life today. Now. Right Now!

But in the end, we get tired of the same person that has the same experiences everyday, and we meet the same people with the same fears, and the same issues all day every day. We face the same challenges at work, the same demons of our past, the same cultural artefacts that continue to rule over us. The same politics, the same corruption, the same everything – over and over again. It becomes background noise in the end.

We want something new then. We want to climb mountains, we want to become millionaires, we want to become authors and journalists, and musicians – and everything that our hearts desire. Anything and everything to silence the mind, in an effort to constantly distract it into obedience. We want the very opposite thing that evolution was designed to bring us.

What happens when life is truly mean to you. It takes away your limbs, your families, your loved ones, your career – in an instant. A giant Tsunami tears through your backyard and it destroys most of your home and kills all your neighbours. A great tragedy. What happens if this death and destruction was seen everyday – like in the war torn parts of the world. People would become immune. And for them life in the fast lane, becomes incredibly boring. The bombs, the earthquakes, become background noise.

And hence, we have a balance of everything – to keep us hooked to the universe. A balance of peace and destruction, happiness and sorrow, silence and noise. This keeps us engaged to the universe, and it keeps the surprise alive. Otherwise, we would be bored – if we were only happy or only sad all the time. Even people that commit suicide desire for happiness in the after-life, and see a better future for themselves after taking their own lives.

A balance and a duality.

And hence, any attempts to desire for an extreme for something will make you think for days in a constant trap. You won’t feel happy, even though you’d want happiness consciously – deep down you’re sad.

Hence, any mind set or any theory in your mind, must take into account everything, and then make your decisions. You must account for the fact that you will be sad, miserable, depressed, angry, lustful, jealous, etc, etc, and you choose to be happy through it all.

That is the ultimate choice that keeps you sane and smart. Choosing happiness, and spreading joy.


photo credit: Marwa Morgan via photopin cc



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