What would happen, if everyone in the world was enlightened?

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If you do accomplish to make everyone a Nirvana-person, or make everyone enlightened, what would happen? Would you flourish and sing, or would you demolish and swing? Firstly, the definition of nirvana is unknown. The literal translation simply means, “to breathe out”. Breathing out, when you finally realize that there is nothing else to think about, and that thoughts simply proceed thoughts. Now what if everyone became a yogi, or became enlightened or even became remotely close to a sambha-prani, or any other fancy word that you can create. You know what would happen? – Nothing.

Because the animals need to become enlightened. After we leave (presumably), the monkeys will evolve into humans. Then they would need to become enlightened too. We’re all atoms , after all. Well wait a minute. Then what about the trees? How do we make them enlightened? How do we make the earth enlightened? What about the air that we breathe? Surely the old Hindu saints would have never considered that air too has atoms, and that the air would also need to be enlightened.

What about someone who is mentally challenged? What about someone who is in a coma? What about them? They can’t receive enlightenment. Will they be left behind? Will they seem to become bigger and better than the rest, or will they become a greater entity than us, and then simply float away into the ether? Therefore, not everyone can receive enlightenment. Therefore, the purpose of this life is not to receive enlightenment at all. The purpose of life becomes something of a tangent to this life, and to figure out what we feel we need to figure out.

Imagine that everyone figured out the technique to attain enlightenment. The technique was placed in a YouTube video and written in books. The book was given to everyone in the universe. Now, most people won’t even enjoy reading it. So you convert it to music and poetry, you create a war story highlighting the various aspects of it. So you create the Mahabharat, and the Gita. Now people love it, and share it with everyone. There are groups of people that are obbsessed with figuring out what the meaning is. So you release a new set of books about the interpretations of the Music and the Story. Now you have 2014, where we’re back to square 1, and we’re all at the same place and the same time. Therefore, the need to feel enlightened is not enough to satisfy the entire demand of the world.

Now, since the whole universe can’t become enlightened, that could mean two things – a) enlightenment is meaningless and attaining it is pointless; b) we are already enlightened, and that we are simply fooling ourselves by pursuing enlightenment over and over again. Both are true.

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