What would happen if all our needs were taken care of?

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What would you do, if everything you needed to survive was given to you for free, or that you didnt need these things to be alive in the first place. No need for food, water, or shelter. No fear of the unknown, no anger from anything, no tears of joy or lust. No nothing. You were a perfect being with no flaws. Imagine the possibilities of what we could do as a society. We could go on vacations, talk to each other without fear of ulterior motives, be-friend instead of network. Its endless.

But what then?

What after that?


What is happening now? – Nothing.

Hence, even if you lived in Utopia you wouldn’t be any better off then v/s now. You would then suddenly get interested in the idea of beating these rules. You would get intrigued with death, fighting, and anger. You’d ponder over the meaning of life, and all the things that are necessary to accomplish a peaceful existence. And suddenly it dawsn upon you that you need to realize that you were given this process of thinking ahead by someone or something. Hence, everything you do, act, or say is a complex reaction of something that someone gave you. Like your mom gives you $20 to buy coke and ramen noodles. You eat the noodles, but you also ate the $20. The origin of the noodles came from the $20, and the origin of that came from your mother, who’s origin came from India or Africa, who’s orign came from the big bang, whos origin came from the creator. Hence, everything’s origin is the creator in a more-philosophical perspective.

photo credit: Pat McDonald via photopin cc



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