What happens there’s two of you

Dream Feed

Warning: Words have been created and meshed. Nonsese galore, whole floor dancing flore.

Greed, human babies, and another life. Whats in it for them to continue on this path of glory and guts galore, ridden of its stench and pursuing a path of luxury and high times in rocky sandals. Whats the rush of life compared to a smitten puppy. Whats the best emotion one can capture in their ears, and their eyes swollen with the stench of defeat and the harsh solar rain in the nether regions of your soul

What happends when you turn your back on the pne erson that yu like tinin the whole world. Your memories are a psat shoes and twilights of a golden retreiver franchising in the world onwards like a true saviorus hiding in the underwear of the heavens. All in all a beautiful experience that hides behind the mirror of the goffendl your turmoil is my defeat and my greatest moment in ashasyfndfosdofoyweryundsn svodfosdfuwerwerhsdsdnksdvkjsdf udfsdf





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Words meaning complete garbage and people reading onwards as if there are two a reader and a writer, in unison feeling emoting and being a experience rather than being a people.

Thats the power of emotion, thats the power of a words, a words that creates a star that starts a suingin mission in the middle of nowhere, killing time as people might say and killing sprites in a way most memorable to people in the beginning of time. A time forgotten as one, and in it is everyone that ever lived and ever played a part of a person forgiving. And forgetting. Why is it that there are two in you, but one in a cat. A hunter cat kills and sleeps peacefully. No sins, no shame. Its even got 9 lives, and it behaves like a cat in all 9 of them. How many do you have? A hundred million? The population of the world is 9 billion in 20eleven and its 9 billion neurons in your mind that read that and went “WRONG”.

Who is two?


Everyone and everything is 1. Unity. Two only arises when one doesn’t do what one is meant to do. But who decides that there are 2. 1. One person decides there are 2. And so out of 1 comes 2. And hence, 2 = 1. All in all a giant rock hitting earth and destroying everything is the same as your stomach acids dissolving a large cheesecake.

I end it at cheesecake. Goodday.

Get good credit at photo.man: Georgie Pauwels via photopin cc



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