Happiness – Decoded!

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Happiness as it happens to be, is a response to some-thing.

An apple, a banana, a chocolate, a movie, or an iPhone. A response to some-thing is happiness.

But that is a condition in our mind that is largely set by our environment. Advertising on TV makes us buy things, and like pavlov’s dog we confuse this product to bring us happiness. Or this experience. We confuse this experience of owning things, and buying things to give us happiness. Our expectations from that thing increases 10-fold, and when we finally get it, we get bored of it in a few days. Similarly with relationships or even life in general.

But see, we can get happiness for free. By removing the some-thing. Now we can have happiness with no-thing. Try it. You’ll feel a little different but it’ll be extremely pleasing and life-long. No longer, will you require a purpose in life, or a product, or love, or art, or anything to “feel” pleasure. You’ll simply feel it through and through.

Happiness, when decoded, becomes that. The idea that it is dependant on something. When we change this -> to make it independent and unshackled, we are now happy with everything, which inherently gives us bliss.

photo credit: Marco Bellucci via photopin cc



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