Is Happiness the final answer? NO!

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You’re still stuck there? In happiness and sadness? Why?

Everything is dualistic.

Instead enjoy the present moment and realize that if sorrow didn’t exist then happiness wouldn’t exist as a concept. Life wouldn’t be a roller coaster, it would become a straight line.

All this time spending on maximizing happiness, when you could have just spent a little energy in learning something new about the universe instead.

We are constantly wasting our energy by simply focusing on happiness. Its a trap. Its a way of saying I have to be happy in this situation and scenario. Its a silly pursuit that takes you nowhere.

Instead focus on nothingness, and being nothing. When you are finally nothing, you see new things, and new experiences that automatically provide you happiness. When everything becomes wondrous and wonderful, you finally see happiness for what it is.

But if you clutch to happiness and the constant pursuit of it – life becomes incredibly tiring.

Find nothingness and do nothing today. You’ll either love it, or you’ll want to shoot yourself in the head out of boredom. Either way, its a way to stop running away from your self and towards the ever-fleeting happiness.

Once you start doing nothing, you’ll realize that all thoughts are eventually going to fade-away, and all concepts of the universe mean very little.

Nothingness is a symptom though, not a concept to be clutched to. Nothingness is a symptom of finally realizing that some answers can be found and some questions are created for entertainment.

Nothingness is that final realization that thoughts proceeding thoughts is an endless game with no signs in sight

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