What is happiness?

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An inner dialogue to find out what happiness is. “A” thing that gives you happiness. What is it? What does that thing do to you? You enjoy chocolate, your significant other, your large home, your fast cars. These are all “a” things. Simply put, these are electrons jiggling around nuclei. The experience of joy is felt in the mind, and not in the external world for what it is. Sometimes, food can be fuel, and other times it can be the most delicious thing that ever touched your lips.

Where is this I that perceives happiness? Find this person, for he is the culprit. So many expectations from the world – always saying “I want this! I want that!”. Why not just be nothingness. But even that is a desire, no? Yes.

So what is happiness? True happiness. Happiness that is long lasting, can be shareable, and relieves stress, where can you find it?

Well, ok. A) if you want long lasting happiness – you need to know that nothing is long lasting, B) shareable – good, you are now getting the concept of happiness. Happiness is both, shareable and private. C) Relieves Stress – Well stress is all about making changes in your life so that you’re lighter in general. Finding something you think has meaning in this world – is a good place to start.

But what if you only want happiness and nothing else? That’s not gonna happen. Why not? Because happiness is black and sadness is white. What does that mean? Happiness and sadness are only two things that co-exist in this game. There is nothing you can achieve if you ONLY go for happiness and not sadness. There is only the ultimate acceptance of both, and the preference of happiness. We can be happy in every situation, regardless of how much pain you think it creates for you.

But why is happiness so elusive? Because YOU! You dont express yourself. You sit around waiting for it to come, when its right there. You spend all your time wallowing in sadness, because you don’t know that you could be here – to enjoy what is and what isnt. We’re all one beings, and something that you find funny is something that everyone can find funny. It is you. You are the ultimate light of the universe. You are the being in a world full of beings. You are the nice person with a good name, and a vice hunter with a good tame. You have done it. You are here. You are happy.

But you dont feel all that happy. Have you ever seen a child? A child sees happy and sad, and prefers either when it wants to. Now will you tell the child to never feel sadness? No ofcourse you wont. Sadness is only an expression of something that you FEEL is wrong. So change it. Change what you feel is wrong. Use anger as a tool to get what you want and be happy.

However, if its a spiritual debate you are having, then my dear friend – there is nothing more to consider than the fact that we could all be GOD, and that life is a GAME. The idea of the middle-way – Madhiyamika is your way out of the mental traps that exist.

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