How to be happy

how to be happy

See, happiness is only a symptom.

By realizing that happiness is only but a preference. There will always always be sadness, because that’s how the universe was made. It was created to have duality in inbuilt. If everyone was always happy, then people wouldn’t know what happiness was. It would become like breathing. Happiness would become neutrality. Next, we’d target jealousy, and erdicate that. Then, we’d target ALL the bad emotions and kill them off one-by-one. We’d only have happiness, love, peace and joy. Until we get bored of these emotions, and decide that logically these emotions exist in contradiction. I.e. how can I be happy, knowing that peace will always always be in this universe? I mean, what else is there to do in life apart from happiness?

That’s when your curiosity takes over, and now you start questioning why you’re happy, and why you only need to have happiness?

What’s better, is to realize that everything is perfect as is. And everything is in place in harmony. Even the bad shit that happens in life is for a reason. That reason is play.

So, in the end. How does one become happier? Its simple. You ready? You can be happy by being whatever the fuck you want to be at that moment. You can be sad, angry, frustrated, sorry, greedy, etc. etc. When you have complete freedom to do whatever you want and feel whatever emotion you want – you can be happy.

photo credit: mohammadali via photopin cc



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