How the hell are you useful to me?

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How the heck are you useful to me and how is any of what you’re saying useful to my work, my life and my happiness. That’s all I care about. – See this type of consciousness? Is it wrong to be so selfish that you are set in stone, and you can’t receive any other information freely? You are stuck and you aren’t willing to be flexible in your thought.

Its wrong when you spill violence over in your words and your actions. Its not wrong when you scream and shout in anger – because you use humor at the end of it. See you can always laugh at the end of any stupid thing you do. Violence becomes funny. But when you get stuck in the game of survival, you miss the point completely. You miss it when you become it. You become rejected and you think about it over and over again.


Why and how? – How do we go about doing it? We start from scratch and follow our gut

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