Angst for the one that holds the forgotten

Dream Feed

Is there an admin to whom we speak gibberish to, while he laughs at our miseries and dances over our ceilings. Taking form after form, not knowing where his next meal will be. Playing the fool and the reporter in the same breath, and climing heights ever so tall and mountains ever so light, until he reaches a point where deduction seems inconsequential. Where is the lightening rod that struck twice after missing with a close shave and a loud bang.

Will I be considered the same after I die, and will thy be referred to as Jeffery, the all knower of those that have sinned. A comical take on the most degrading times on the planet – will the creator be satisfied with our justification? No, or maybe. Then will we ever be satisfied with his comical justi-fuckation? Maybe Not.


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc



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