How can I be more open towards vulnerability?

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Q. I have seen Brené Browns talk about the power of vulnerability for the first time and I felt enlightened. She described that we have to fully embrace vulnerability in order to feel “the other side” of the emotions ( like happiness, courage and connection)

So here’s the thing, I have realized that I am quite numb. People would describe me as tough and I believe that with blocking my vulnerability and putting all those walls up, I have also blocked my ability to feel emotions while heartedly (e.g I have won a scholarship and my reaction to it was “cool” and then I moved on. It’s not like I don’t care, it’s rather that I am not able to feel certain emotions fully, sometimes). I would like to work on that.

So my question is, how can I start being more vulnerable ?

A. A wonderful world was once a born, there wasn’t a soul no blood no faun,

Merry men merriment married men gone,
A single source of light was brought.

A blackness dawned upon the skies,
A single source – a pawn, a shrine,

Will I be loved when I be born?
When worlds revolve in circles and thorns

Who will be there to lend a hand?
When blood is thicker than lord and land,

Will love that loves from loves aloved
Will I be loved when there’s none above.


photo credit: Darwin Bell via photopin cc



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