How do I get over her?

Dream Feed

Q. I fell in love with a girl but did not tell her. Time passed and one day she said she felt there was a window of time when she felt we could have dated but that window had closed. I tried really hard to change her mind and give us a chance but she didn’t. More time passed, I tried to move on, and then she called to say she was sorry, though she still did not want to date me. I’m confused, heartbroken and still like her. I compare other girls to her and cannot find anyone like her.

A. (= All for a wicked game. What would you do if you could play any game you wanted to play. You could run through the garden and fight stones with key lime pies or flower beds with matching stripes past crawling stepping fish. Or maybe you’re a macho man that despises games and focuses only on objectives. Where is the love and why has it stopped at her. Her eyes, her touch, the way she said your name. Did she ever say your name? Did it sound good to you? Well what is then the meaning of that?

Be a man! Be the kind of man she wants you to be or step off. Let some other man be the man that she wants. Not you! No sir. She wants a real man. Or maybe someone that’s not you.

Continue playing this with her until both you n her get married to someone else. Or keep on doing this even when you are. Who cares, right?

Dream a better dream. We need you. I need you.



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