How to control anger

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How to control anger?

What leads you astray when anger and pain are your default responses to a situation? After all you’re only being yourself, aren’t you? But this version of “you” is highly corrosive to everybody else. But ofcouse, everybody else should conform to your will, after all – everybody should be intelligent enough to understand you; for who you are and love you unconditionally. But when the chips are down and the tables are turned, you have nothing to gain from this technique of using anger all the time.

Deep in your heart you know that there is a better way, but you fight it. You fight it, until the very end because your ego is attached to it. The other reason behind it is simply the fact that you persist in your folly, until you hit gold. But tell me, how often does one hit gold after years and years of unhappiness and solitude? – Never.

So how does one justify his deepest intent to someone without losing their temper. Love.

Use it. Use love, because were all one, and were enjoying this world that we created and know nothing about. The beauty of the game is to lose yourself enough that you realize its only a game. After that, its all just music. Every fluctuation, every dance, its all music. The theoretical supposition that love and god are one and the same thing, is immensely freeing from all boundaries of lust, hunger, and limitations. However! Ofcourse, if that’s the man you seek, that’s the man that’ll kill you in an instant – aka God. Because one that chooses to let go of bodily demands is a fool. How else is one to live in this world? Controlling inner needs is foolish. When we let go, we don’t truly see. We need to take care of our needs to fully see through controlling anger.

True saviours are those that save themselves, and true warriors are those that realize that the fight isnt a fight until its a fight inside the mind. A soldier goes home thinking he did the right thing.

A fight only ensues when the two parties are at battle in your mind. That is anger. Two opposing view points in the mind that cant win.

Letsflow instead. Lets be unique. Lets music to the dine, and corrosion to the wine.

Anger is nothing when touched, because it doesnt exist. Just like love, and the lunar eclipse. It comes and goes, and it wont forever flow. Controlling anger is like controlling love, its simply an expression that will always exist, like the air.

This world is ever expanding and ever slowing down, so whats the hang up? Whats the will to still your mind? Whats the reason to stick to a prejudice or a supposition that life is anger and you’re you-niquely angry? When everyone is the same, and everything is one – then why be against something that is a version of yourself. Like a mirror that speaks its mind, when a shiver that creeps its spine

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