How to find happiness


Assuming that the universe is pure violence and excessive horrors – like the great plagues, the depressions, and the tsunamis; then how exactly can you react to these phenomena? How do you find happiness inside this? The phenomena that are outside your scope of intelligence. How long would you feel sad for? Days, months, or years? – What would happen after all the emotional back-n-forth, the cocooning of your own self, and the blanketing of your own mind? When would you eventually accept it and move on.

Assuming that the universe is boring. And life then becomes a drag, that lasts for days on end. You’re not able to find happiness. You’re blocking your own happiness, and hence eventually the tiger turns its own stripes but can never forget its own roar. Happiness, in the end, is your way out of boredom.

Assuming that your world is extremely stressful, and you have problems mounting on top of mountains. Like a duck that appears calm on the top, while paddling at 20 miles n hour underneath. You’re only way out is to take it easy, and to figure out a way through. Happiness pervades everything. That is how you find happiness.

Finding that happiness, and in it you’ll fall in love with life. After that, its all going to fit-in. Because you’ve found a reason to live, and a reason to find a solution to your seemingly minuscule problems. You’ll start to love life again.

Its like the jungle that can scare you with the sounds of its animals at night. But after a while, you find the patterns in the sounds and it becomes more like music.

photo credit: ToniVC via photopin cc



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