What is humour, why do we like jokes

“Haha, the rules of your game are hilarious” – As comedians we point out the rules of the monarch, or the rules of the bully and say “what a funny game you’re playing and what funny rules. That is the role of the joker, who has fun, hides his insecurities, and becomes unaware of his own limits. Until he crosses them.

We like jokes, because it levels the playing field. We laugh at each other and our defences get lowered. Sometimes, we do it as a way of saying something (anything) to break the tension. We are broken inside ( or we pretend to do so ). We can frame our sentences in any shape way or form. We can do whatever we please, but we choose to be this limited creatures with low self-esteem and low self-awareness. We aren’t everything that we want to be. It is thus, that humour comes in and diffuses the situation. We look at failure as a natural part of our lives and we accept the fact that everyone fails.

photo credit: STC87430 via photopin (license)



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