The hunger advantage

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People that are hungry, that are driven, are more likely to succeed in the goals that they set. But after a point, a laziness sets in. “Why should I keep doing it over n over again?” or “What am I going to get by going on and on?”

A slow and sudden realization occurs,  that the job, career, love, passion, hobby, or relationship is getting sour and old. It doesn’t excite us any more. Certain times it may even sadden us. The more we think about it, the more disappointed we feel. Till a certain point comes where you don’t want to do it at all, but you are still doing it because you are bound by duty, or responsibility, or sheer survival.

This very idea hits the core of the problem of “Why are we here?”. We suddenly end up basing most of our questions against this parameter of why are we here. We think and over-think ourselves out of a rut, but we simply end up getting deeper and deeper into the maze of the confusion.

What we fail to realize is that life shouldn’t be about anything unless our curiosity is at play. When we feel playful about our environment, the whole universe becomes one with your actions (in a metaphorical way). We become freer, more alive, and more humourous as a result. Society craves humour to be at the heart of all desirable traits because humour and play get people out of their mental blocks and lighten up the situation at hand.

Humour and play, allow you to point out the mistakes of nature by placing ridiculous propositions in the form of jokes or limericks. E.g. Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Or Why is a man only married or happy and never happily married. These kinds of questions make us take this whole universe of (chicken and egg) and (man and marriage) as a simple and dumb game. It doesn’t bother us anymore. We simply focus on solving these problems, but we also have a healthy disposition of laughing at them when they can’t seem to be dissolved.

That is all. Play and laughter. This life has its own shares of hunger, hatred, drive, laziness, happiness and sadness, what would you choose to best enjoy the journey? Play with cute kitties.


photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc



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