I’m Done!

Dream Feed

What then? Whats the ideal devil that mentions to itself that it has had it. It is over. It wants out from life and death. It wants Nirvana. But you see, Nirvana implies life and death. Leaving the universe implies that the universe exists in the first place. And hence in a game, where all your thoughts are inspired from nature and its components – how exactly do you propose leaving this place?

Maybe, true Nirvana is knowing the fact that life has its ups and downs and thats how its meant to be. Accepting this is the first step in moving on. Moving on to love and life.

The wes mathew that preaches to the bible is the same saint mathew that cries for help at night. Don’t listen to your own mind only, go beyond what everyone teaches and preaches. By young and free

photo credit: Darwin Bell via photopin cc



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