Importance of insecurity

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A lotta people talk about running away or thinking through insecurities. Its supposed to help. But why doesn’t it? Because we’re going a thousand miles an hour in our minds, and telling us to slow down or think through what we’re doing is probably the last thing we want to hear.

And so, we know what the right answer is, however we choose to live through our insecurities and let them paralyse us. Why?

There’s no right answers or wrong ones in a world where heaven and hell are one. And hence, life being a source of complete joy, becomes a source of constant sadness when it goes haywire and you lose all semblance of who you are. You have given away your own identity, and taken a few steps ahead of trying out a new you. A ‘you’ that can be extremely destructive and a ‘you’ that can also be extremely constructive. See, a healthy debate shouldn’t be like a congressional meeting. The loudest voice shouldn’t be the victor – if the discussion is going to become constructive. See, a lot of people before us have told us to go with our GUT FEELING. And when we find out that if we continue to use our gut feeling, we might want to run/hide/pull our own hair – gut feelings die away. Others would say, that you’re not listening to your gut feelings hard enough, to which I would say – insecurities don’t let you hear anything.

Then what is the way out this madness, this hell-hole. This jimminy cricket, this baba-laboo, this krikli-krikin, and this jamma-laboo.

That’s it. That is exactly it. The point of madness is just that. It is madness, meant to entertain. Meant to please the eyes and ears, while the rabbit hunts the deer. Its TP. Its boredom. Your insecurities are showing you what not to do. So don’t do them. You don’t want to pop-a-wheelie on your new bike – don’t do it. You don’t want to build a barbie doll house for your demented bride – don’t do it. You have visions, and they’ll always remain just that – visions. And no one else will have the privilege of listening to you. That’s insecurity – a fear that doesn’t allow you to express your self.

Once we realise that human beings have all emotions, all insecurities, all paralysis, all humility inside them, we can stop focusing on them so much, and stop thinking of ourselves as weak for having them.

At the end of the debate, ask yourself – “Did you choose to be insecure?” – “No”.

Then why did the creator make you insecure?

– Herein starts the real journey inside your mind.

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