What is important in life

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Importance is subject to commentary. I find my life to be important when hummingbirds sing at my funeral. My work, my family, my friends, my future, everything planned out to a T. Where there’s emptiness, there’s despair, and where there’s despair there’s usually failure. Now why does failure occur? This curious phenomenon happens out of not getting the things we considered important! Boom. Done.

Now take your garbage outside and clean up the mess you created. It is now in the present that your future will be automatically taken care of, once you learn how to take care of yourself. See importance is only a mirror that reflects your own thoughts. You consider a person to be important, because you admire certain qualities innately present. But who does the innate admiration? It is you. And how does an imperfect being judge the understanding of perfection? It can’t. Only monkeys can tell rocks apart, because they mean something to them. It is only an after-thought left after we think we know it all and have seen it all. Our own worlds become our selves, and we start of stink of importance. Which my friends, is called the ego.



photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc



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