Impossible things and the 4-Noble Truths of Buddhism

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Buddha only gave a fuck about solving the problem of suffering. He didnt care too much about theories about the universe and focused only on the practise. I happen to find “practising” something incredibly stupid. Hence, I believe that Buddha was not talking about practising or doing anything. He only wanted to provide a way out.

4 Noble truths of Buddha –

A) Dukkha – What is sadness and why do you feel it?

B) Trishna (Clinging or Hang Up)  – What is your mental block or stuckiness, or your cling in life or your obsession

C) I forget. Read it up on Google.

D) Marrg – The 8 fold path to the realization of Nirvana and the meaning of life. I personally think that its horeshit that someone needs to follow a path. But stubborn folks desire a structure and a path to follow on.


So what do buddhists believe?

You suffer because you have a hangup about something in life. You get stuck somewhere in your thought process and you get depressed. You can continue finding a way out of all your hang-ups one after another. Or you can giveup being perfect and being sane, and simply enjoy life along with your inner thoughts and sadnesses. You are everything in the universe and everything is you. There is no other way, but to enjoy the middle way


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