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A simpler nation of believer of nations or a morose traction of trail-blazers. Its all the same. Towards the end, nothing that matters will matter, and nothing that believes in itself will continue on for eternity. The world will have its ups and downs, and its own share of lotteries and brown skinned animals.

Its all like music, sometimes its meant to please; sometimes to deceive and de-weave. Certain pleasures in life are meant to perceive itself towards the doorway to unending lack-lustre and deception. Certain sorrows, teach. There’s no longer a simple sound that keeps our attention forever, we all require distraction and constant pleasure. However, nobody or no mind is at happiness. Not a lot of things give us happiness. Unlimited happiness, untitled pleasures, un-trapped mindsets. Happiness is in the now, and in the constant. The flow. Being one with the flow and being untrapped on purpose. Else happiness can be the accompanying emotion underlying anger, sadness, curiosity, and humility. Happiness as an emotion is more like a river than a stage-set.

Zen or Zay;
What is the right way?
Until we take it down;
to its religious frown
Does that feel the right side of our mind’s brains

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc



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