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Internal peace is somewhat of a challenge for most people. It is accomplished and attained once you are in love with everything and at peace with yourself and your environment. When you have finally accepted everyone for what they are and everything for what it is. When you have accepted your faults, your problems, your disabilities, and your strengths. When you have seen your situation right now, when you have seen why you feel dissatisfied with your life. We ask ourselves – is it time that I change my situation or accept it and move on?

The answer is – when you are continually not able to quell your sorrows, its time to make a change and follow something you really enjoy doing. When you find that, keep doing it until you find yourself deeply ingrained into it, with love and pleasure. Think of your life and work as art. A paint brush here, another there. Overall the fresco sees right through to you when you take a look at it.

Now, what do you really want to do in life. Sometimes the answer comes out as nothing. But then the question changes into – what excites you in life, and now suddenly life is open with possibilities and the grim reality of pain and rejection also follows with it. Your brain is simply giving you the true picture. Most new ideas fail and don’t see the light of day. But maybe the incentive behind most ideas is what’s causing the problem. Money. Money isn’t a bad thing. But when you only think about the money, its clear to other people who become skeptical of you. Thus, instead of reviewing you or your product, they start to take everything with a grain of salt.

The question begins inside the mind, the desire to let go, or the desire to stream through. Until life becomes a thing to hold on to and to cling. And then you desire to let go. This continuous cycle of being stuck and desiring to let go, leads you to think – hmm, I’ve been here before, why is that? And then you think to yourself – Why do I do this to myself again and again? Am I letting other people run my life?

Yes. You are failing to do anything in life because you’ve considered history to indicate the future. In a world where literally everything is possible, you’ve seen past failures and said to yourself – no. I can’t do this.

Now, when you truly realize that human beings can choose any path at any age, and pursue any activity it creates a new problem – too many choices. What do I pick now?

This is because of fear. Instead of first playing on the swings and then the slip-n-slide, you’re standing there giving yourself excuses – saying that you don’t know what to pick first. Because deep down you’re just fearing to play.

See, when you play, you don’t need to make one choice or one decision. You can pretty much make calls by yourself and make decisions on your own gut feeling, or what’s good for your loved ones in a whole. Imagine your society asks you to do A, because they would benefit immensely. But you really want to do B, because that’s what your inner self says. What do you pick?

Now, the second question after that is – why will my career give me inner peace? It won’t

What really gives you peace is the final expression of love, which comes from a deeper understanding of love, fear, choices, and expression. If you really want to keep living, then love from everywhere. When you start to love things, small or big, far or wide, flawed or straight, crooked or dazed. When you become connected to everything, you start to enjoy the present moment and live in a world where everything is magic instead of fear, monsters and gremlins.

Love leads to Inner satisfaction and Peace

photo credit: Relax Si Gadis Seluet via photopin (license)



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