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Often, we define ourselves based on our thoughts. Thoughts that guide us to do things that make us scratch our heads. We offer pleasure to another, in hopes that the other will remain in our possession for eternity. We like a little detachment – we like that game – and then we like connection soon after. We get bored of our ties and start blaming them for not being interesting enough. They start to stink. We then cut-away from them, and moments after – reconnect again, thereby pushing the pedal of a bicycle that’s resting on its stand. You rotate the wheel but you’re not getting anywhere. Time after time, ties after ties you start to wonder if you’re really cut-out to play this game they call relationships. Interactions seem boring, partners seem disinterested, and society does’t stand out as being all-knowing anymore. What is the reason for this constant cycle? This constant rotation and revolution. The moon and the earth are making circles around the sun, while the sun seems to move in circles – away from the galaxies.

There’s the catch. You block your mind with barriers hoping to find the answers if you hit hard enough. When all you really need to do – is to let go. Understand the true nature of reality and realize who’s pulling the strings and why the puppet master and the puppets aren’t all that different.

“Who am I really? Am I a good father, or a bad hypocrite? How do I define myself?”

Imagine a debate where you have two or more, often opposite, positions. The debater that uses logic and reasoning wins in the end. Both parties wear their best suits, and prepare their arguments to support their case. Now, how often is the loudest debater the winner? 0 times if its a constructive debate. When you hear those thoughts going back n forth about a matter – then you’ve already solved it. It’s only a matter of filtering out the layers of your mind’s thoughts that are based on incorrect assumptions. It’s like peeling an onion. Although necessary, it’s a struggle to continue peeling. But the more layers you remove of the onion, the more you realize that eventually there will be nothing left. Now, you can choose to continue peeling the layers, or you can peel a few – learn about your inner most self – and proceed to cook the onion. For the original purpose of the onion was to make a delicious recipe. Everything else was just a coincidence.

photo credit: Mara ~earth light~ via photopin cc



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