Is government truly governable?

Dream Feed

Like a cat mounting from tree to tree, waiting every so patiently to jump into the window sill and back into the house to watch a bit of TV. I’ve waited ever so many years – pointing the sun towards your direction, only to find music playing in the ears of the many and in the eyes of none. Let’s all look at how we define ourselves as ourselves that have the haves and the have nots that don’t have anything. I have a large mansion and you have a beautiful wife. It is thus that the world spins on its own axis, sometimes borrowing another’s when its bored. Like a painting of the ballerina that visits her sick grandmother everyday, almost smiling and waiting for her demise so she can wrap her head around the concept of eternal death and meaningless silence. “Silencio!”, said the old shepard to himself, as he waited for spring to emerge and water his barren field.
Until then, there is only the deepest demise of the despotic disposition of those that we call governors and those that call us the governed. It is then that the power that lies in the hands of the many, pours water into the hands that have none. Love will eventually win all that stands and our inner rascality will ensure proper prosperity. The powers that were set in stone will realize their true potential, as the craftsmen – busy toiling away at building another power structure. The power of change through love. Wishy washy as it may, powerful as it may, our intelligence guided by love emerges eventually as the voice of treason.

photo credit: manhhai via photopin cc



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