Is this world flexible?

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Are you where you’d like to be? Are you seeing what’s inside and outside this universe? Have you reached that point where everything seems to be A->B->C and you’d like to reach “C” as soon as possible? Whats the point of this? What’s the problem? Why don’t we want to give up? What do we think we’re going to get by holding on and resisting this illusion? The illusion being – that we want to really jump through and drown ourselves in pleasure at the end of the rainbow. See what a lot of people want in life, is to make a lot of money – so much so that they don’t have to keep thinking about making money again and again. But what if you could skip that make the world flexible? What if you conducted an experiment and failed? The experiment being that this world can become like how you’d like it to be.

See, when we think about something that we desire, we associate it with a memory that we have experienced in the past or a memory that we would like to experience in the future. The memory of pure happiness and unlimited resources. Lot’s of money, fun job, no troubles in life, and no tension. But that would mean going against nature. Because nature inherently is filled with tensions. See, when you eat a fruit, can you image a tree being tensed about whether the seeds in the fruit will reach the ground where it would germinate? Would all the micro-bacteria that you breathe in, be worried about you breathing them in?

Let’s think about it from this perspective. You’d like the world to become flexible enough for you to get away with what you want from life. But then, what after that? Then after you create this flexible world for yourself, you’ll start wanting another thing and then another and then you’re dead. Wow! What a wonderful journey. But the flip-side of that is, wow what a boring journey. So therefore, the label added to this experience has been interpreted in two different manners (thus introducing flexibility).

See, the whole world is flexible. Opinions change, winds change, mountains become plateaus and sometimes they don’t. We don’ even know that the flexibility is consistently flexible or not. Imagine the ant and the asteroid. Neither of two know that the other exists. One larger than us, the other smaller than us. But we as observers know of their presence. Thus we’re simply observers of the flexibility and the unpredictability of the universe. Sometimes we form theories around this and increase the speed of our gains. We reach C faster than our ancestors. If we build our bodies, then we have two options to do so. Either we go hard and aggressive, or we go slow and steady, or we create our own philosophies around working out and we go at it. We experiment and when we fail we switch and go at something else. Or we continue down our experiment hoping that more┬ádata will help us to form that theory which we set out to prove in the first place. We want the world to become flexible enough to allow us to form our theories and prove them right. We would like the world to become like how we want it to be.

But what we fail to realize is that human endeavour across the generations has been to do just that. We have gone from caves to concrete because we want to enjoy our lives better. So we are pretty much manifesting the reality that we envisioned for ourself. Better healthcare, better connectivity and so on and so forth. But there’ll always be people that think that the world is going in the wrong direction, and will try to push people to enter their realm and game. People live in mountains, while judging those that live in the streets. But smiles always ring louder than screams. Or is it?

See, we don’t really know what we want after a while, because we ourselves become inflexible and rigid. We want ourselves to become everyone and everything, and become different personas and things. We forget that our personality inherently depends on how we interact with other people and is constantly being changed by other people. So a personality (previously inflexible) has now become everything that you aren’t meant to be. What then? What will we become? Our past will continue to form the future, while our present keeps turning left, right and center unfortunately.


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