Just be

Dream Feed

A disguise worn by the sages has many led astray, but of course you were the one who kicked the sage “up” to his true being.

Aren’t we all feeling the pain deep inside. Or are we feeling a sense of wonder about our own selves. Will our feelings ever match up to how we really want to feel. What we really need, is a stand alone bystander to tell us when we’re wrong, but isn’t that you. Isn’t you the one that does the judging?

Withering away like dandelions off blankets, we see ourselves in a withering state of constant declining and sadness. Why then do the best of intentions, overcome by the worst of successions, help us in forming what we’re trying to form. When does the satisfaction oversee the intrusion of action and non-action with our environment. Will a bar of chocolate taste the same in Sun-soaked Siberia and in Sub-Saharan Africa? And laptops? Are they treated equally among their peers? Dell, HP fighting amongst themselves,and Microsoft- hands down on its knees, resting comfortably on its couch peering outside the window.

Its a race run by mob families and Dutch singing stars, where you’re tuned into the magic and the mess on a constant stream. Struggling to get out and feel life for what is should be.

How then, can one just be in the moment?

Well, how can one not be in the moment? – if you figure that out, then you just do the opposite.

No? No. No?


photo credit: kdee64 via photopin cc



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