What I learnt about behavioural psychology by analysing where you clicked on my blog

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I was able to track clicks on my blog posts to analyse what kind of images people tended to prefer, and get deeper into why people clicked on certain areas more often.

Observations –

People were curious by what “Nuggets and Gems” meant, and they clicked on it quite often

A lot of people stayed away from the category “Fear” and “God” and preferred instead to go to “Happiness” and “The Real You”

People shyed away from dull images (on the right hand side), and wanted to click more on brighter images (e.g. the horse carousal image)




Iv circled the observations in white.

The photo with the child and the unknown path, has clicks towards the upper portion of the image – possibly because there is inherent curiosity about the unknown in all of us.

The photo with the man in a hoodie with a megaphone – the clicks are away from the mike. Implying possibly that people are risk averse, and don’t want to be near any type of spotlight or attention when browsing anonymously .

The Japanese ladies – the clicks are towards the lady on the left. This could possible imply that people shy away from the centre of attention (i.e. shorter japanese lady in the middle)

The spoons image implies showcases subservience to a leader. People clicked on the lower left of the image, possibly associating themselves to the subservient spoon.


People express themselves all the time. Either through words, actions or clicks. We associate ourselves with the emotion that we see, and hence we never really are ONLY scared, happy, angry, quiet, shy, etc. We are a range of things, feelings and thoughts.



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