Let it go

Dream Feed

Why doves prefer to fly together, and skies roar with thunder when its time to shine and shower. Its in their nature to do what they’re meant to do. That’s the everlasting nature of the universe. Invisible to the naked eye, we simply don’t see the ultraviolet and infra-red that account for 99.95% of the remaining light. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If we could see them, our whole perception of our environment would change completely. We would become different people and our nature would become uniquely adjusted to what would be required of us.

That’s what makes us humans. We change, we adjust and we evolve. Out with the old and in with the new. Governments and laws, ideas and thoughts.

We’ve been evolving to our ever changing environment since millions of years, and we’re finally here. We’re at a stage where we don’t have to hunt, kill, destroy and hide ourselves from what we truly are. And yet, we continue to do these things out of fear and boredom. We fight wars, we burn trees, and we try to become the rulers of the universe. But where did we originate from? We came from the universe. We started off as a single point of immense energy, when the big bang occurred, and we’ve been expanding ever since. Our starting point was one, our atoms are all one, and our nature is exactly the same. We’re all one, roaming this earth with wearing a billion masks of the creator.

So let it go, before you  cling and clutch to the things that make no sense, and expecting everyone to become more like you, because if everyone was exactly like you, then where’s the fun left in the universe?

photo credit: Let Ideas Compete via photopin cc



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