Let More Thoughts In

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Warning: Words have been created to express thought. E.g. money and monkeys = monekeys. Around and found = arounf. Etc. etc. Aroudn is the word used for finding the greek mythology of Aroun inside your mind, while being aroudn that hillosphy (hilly philosophy). Around doesnt exist.

Let more thoughts in. This will work in any and many situations where you find yourself stuck, or sad or depressed. The idea and philosophy of simply thinking it through, when you’re stuck in your own limitations of not being yourself. Every limitation you set is in your mind, and every negative thought you think up is defined by your own limitations to not do what you want to do. But of course, doing less gives you a lot more happiness. That is when expectations creep in. Expectations that divide the divine, and resemble the resemblance of expectations and creepetua of minitias. There is a greater journey ahead of us, and we sit singing songs along the river with our heads heald high and our hearts content in our minds.

We think. We try and we conquer. We go everywhere and nowhere at the same time, always running on the same treadmill rounf and rounf. Stop running arounf like its monekey game everywhere.

It sounds wishy washy, but Let More Thoughts In. Think. Experiment. Think more. Until you realize that thoughts will keep on coming and going and eventually youll be left with nothingness. Silent blankness.

That is when you can really see the universe for what it really is. Play.

For in the end, that is life. Endlessss play, and remutia of remose (as remorse is only horse play).

Let more thoughts in. Do it now. Think through your sadness, and let more thoughts in. Dont be stuck with your Ego banding (banging collectively like a band) on your door.

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