Why life is a game, or a play – if you will


Life as a story has its beginnings and endings, and then its beginnings again. We work hard, play hard and denounce those that claim to have control over our existence. When will we know the ultimate truth? Don’t know, don’t care, as some might say. While others claim to know the meaning behind all of this. Here’s an attempt to rooting out why, who, and what makes sense in the universe. Follow me.

1. POV – Life is played from yours, ours, mine and everyone’s elses POV. Including Tommy, the dog and Jimmy, the single-celled organism. This creates a strong case of the person who plays the game, lives through his own story, which creates endless entertainment.

2. Sexual stimulation – An act that few don’t and many do love, as experienced as the coming together of the two and feeling happiness as one. A strong case for the unity of the two as one, and communication via words and feelings as a way of realizing that we’re all one. Different expressions, one entity.

3. Hunger – We take, and take and take and then we defecate. That’s life. If we squeeze a few moments of joy in between, then we’re happy. Well, what happens when science allows us to not be hungry any more, need water any more, need only 2 hours of sleep a night, and travel half the speed of light. It’ll all be in a pill. How do we call ourselves humans then? We will be the masters of our own domains, but ofcourse who will create the technology for it? Dr. Jones? What if he didn’t and Dr. Sally did. Who knows what person would, will and kill to have that technology developed. And then what?

4. Boredom – Finally, we would all be bored. All our needs taken care of, and nothing to do in life. Then we would create miniature lives, and solar systems. Games upon games, upon games, and ultimately celebrate in the wondrous mystery of life. Lost, hopeless and constantly tied down to a creator that realizes that he is trapped as well.

5. God – We will be Him, and it will be us. We started from the big bang and will end in a whimper. We will create our own universes, mini-bobs, and mini-sallys – so we can get endless entertainment from them all.

6. Suffering – No more suffering right? We’ll be hooked, booked and eventually cooked – when the universe that we’ve created collides with a universe that sally created and die.

7. Wordsmith – Then a wordsmith will emerge that will solve it all, and explain it all to those that are stuck. A messiah, if you will. But ofcourse, who created the wordsmith – The one that created everyone else. What endless hours of fun!

8. The revelation – None

9. The continual tease – Will he, won’t he? What if I pray hard enough?

10. Boom! – Explosion and eventual end of what we see. A jorney to the after-life where we continue onwards with different bodies, lungs, hearts, farts, carts, larts, marts, and different languages as well. We would all be aliens or angels – they’re both alien to me.

11. Rinse and repeat

Now that ladies and gentlemen, is a game worth watching with a bag-o-popcorn and a loved one held tightly by your side.


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