Is this life really all that there is?

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Yes. And no.

See, the idea of a life being a life-source and nothing else in this world causes immense freedom and makes us question morality in every way. I.e., if this life doesnt count and god isnt watching us, I can go around killing people and it wouldnt matter. But you see, you already are killing things everytime you breathe microbes, or walk over ants or eat chicken. Why is a human life more important than a chicken’s?

Hence, people get agitated. They feel werid, they feel proud sometimes that they did it! They cracked the code to living a good life. But eventually they lose heavily. They bring with them a sense of wonder and lose their minds completely. A fear sets in, in that they have immense lack of control over everything in the universe. And they wonder, “is life really all that there is?”

So which is it?

That’s the whole point. Answers that are left unanswered are greater than all the saints in the world. Greater than all of mankind. I find no other reason to follow down a path of inquiry, which leads me to nowhere. That’s where disappointment sets in, and I no longer see right from wrong.

This is it. This is life. Because any other life that you experience with your eyes and ears is another life, which is another flawed existence.

See, existence makes no rational sense whatsoever and shouldnt exist in the first place. Hence any other plane of reality, connected and disconnected from this universe shouldnt exists and belongs nowhere. Hence, anything you experience apart from this universe is connected with this universe and is a continuation of this universe, and hence is a game or a matrix or a play or a lattice-formed until infinity.

Whats the way out of a matrix then? or whats the way out of the game? or out of life? What happens when you cant take it anymore?

Nothing. There is nothing. If this world is a game, then it will cease to exist someday as any game that doesnt end is pure madness, implying that we’re screwed. Hence, why bother either way – either we go home to where we came from or we dont.

The other perspective is that, the very notion of NIRVANA is implied as the opposite of birth and death. And hence, both are co-existent, therefore both need to exist simultaneously just like fire and water, night and day, happiness and sadness, etc. Hence people can only leave this world to attain nirvana when the world ceases to exist. POOF! Vanishes. Until then, we’d might as well enjoy the journey.

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