What should you do in life?


If there are many paths to take, take the road that you would want your children to take as well. One without fear and prejudice.

In other words, speak only the truth and follow what makes sense to you. If there’s an idea that is brewing inside of your mind, follow it until the end and re-visit it when the candle fades. In the matrix, everything is possible, and there is no mistake costly enough to take your life – unless you live for adventure. You’ll come back generation after generation, and the wants and needs of people wouldn’t have changed a lot.

Follow what creates the biggest impact in the lives of people, because money given to you is only an indication of how much trust people have in you. Trust, which only comes after you make an impact in my life or atleast leave a mark.

photo credit: Adam Foster | Codefor via photopin cc



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