Living fully in the music

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What gives music the sense of amusement that so livens the mood of everyone and everything. When things are going your way, it seems that the trees are swaying in rhythm, one never smelt or seen before. For a sight to be delightful, you must always remember the very music that gave it birth, partition, and de-lineage will also take it away. In the sands of Bengal, I have seen mountains in goats, and goats in shepherds, all wanting that one thing that we desire.

Something, anything, that one thing – love. The music behind love, the love of music representing love, the love for archaeology is simply loving love. All of this you see, has been and will always be a game behind games, a sack of used injections. A love shaft of undivided sexual delicacies, and love stricken cons that shoot heroine and defy laws of nature, breaking shoulders on recoiling  shotguns. Shells raining from mid-air, I too will disintegrate, leaving nothing behind but love. A gin soaked man, with a wife beater and two children laying on his feet. Would you find it in your heart to love him? Could that become you, if the tables were turned ?

All you’ll leave behind in this world is love. Love that originated from death, is what comes from the micro-organisms that will inherit your soul, and assimilate your mind and body into themselves. Love from your family whom you left with abundance, and memories. Love from your crematorium for keeping it alive in business.

Can you then feel love in this lifetime? A loving memory, a loving family, a father, a mother, the love of the entire universe felt from your socked up feet in your shoed up world. Toes curled up, a windy chill in your chest, and everything.


photo credit: Pat McDonald via photopin cc



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