Long story short

See, the essence of a good story is in the journey. The lesson at the end can be as simple as “be happy”, or “slow down”, or “love people”. Similar to life.

Now religion will come and offer longer broader stories. Some fantasy some true, but mostly garbage wrapped in honey dew.

So which story do you want to buy for yourself this time? A story of you being the creator? A story of you being courageous? A good father? A loving husband? How long will you cling to these stories that you tell yourself and sell yourself short?

That’s what we all this while, we sell ourselves to others. We become more “happy” and “energetic” and “enthusiastic”, until we realize that we’re bullshitting ourselves into this belief.

Self expression is key. When we try to sell ourselves, and try to sell our stories – we see pain and disappointment in the eyes of others, and we become aware of the situation at hand. Then we must come to close all games by self-expressing our inner thoughts. It is thus that logic flows into human thinking and human communication.

Now, when do we enjoy our stories? When do we enjoy the journey of life? Do we keep delaying it for tomorrow when we make enough gains in money and fortunes? Or do we relish the moment today and be one with the whole thing at hand?

You decide. We decide.






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