Looking at patterns

The Real You Thoughts

What do we see when we a tiny little ant crawling on a mountain? We see a pattern that it follows. Left leg first, then right. But it follows one specific pattern in its head. (Either pattern or no pattern). That’s the pattern it follows. Sometimes it follows preconditioned rules to cross the mountain, or it makes it owns rules to get it done faster. See that’s where our need to do things faster comes from. The fact that we would like to do everything quicker with our limited resources at hand. Sometimes, we’re just bored, but more often than not, we want to end the misery of confusion as quickly as possible. We don’t enjoy our lives and are too uncertain about the uncertainty of life. What is the reason behind all of this? What makes you so confused in life? Is it the idea that you aren’t doing something you enjoy doing, and on-top-of-that you don’t even know what makes you passionate in life?

From a purely spiritual perspective, it doesn’t matter whether you do something you enjoy or don’t enjoy. But from a practical stand-point, when you see bored government employees who don’t enjoy their work and move in masses, you see the impact that “pursuing your passion” has. See, a job only becomes mundane if the barriers to intelligence are high. When intelligence takes over, it leaves very little room for frustration and nationalities. Intelligence incorporates emotions, and its smarter to love everyone (including your work), and take risks (calculated or otherwise). When we stop taking risks, we don’t see anything worthwhile in what we’re doing. We don’t end up entertaining ourselves. A tax collector’s most interesting stories are from when he uncovers siphoned off money to the Camen Islands. So secretly, we want challenges, but we don’t want to fail them all and we want to learn things in life but we don’t want to fail at them all. See, failure is expensive. and we become expense-averse after a while. Which is why companies rather acquire other companies than start something of their own. It takes a really long time to come-up with something new in life. And therefore it is the journey that counts. The smiles, the support and the love and friendship. There is nothing else in life that will give you continued happiness than the idea that a momentary object (experience or thing) will give you peace of mind and prosperity. People come and go, and its those that form a pattern of love, with mutual enjoyment that stay friends forever.


photo credit: via Lesliedeanbrown (license)



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