Love and What it Does

Emotions Love The Real You

It does you a lot of good. It does a lot of love. Love when expressed and shared is greater than any poetry expressed in the world. Love literally changes your brain to become happier. Unconditional love, stemming from touching and hugging, is the next big thing in 2015. We need to step up our game to become more loving! Imagine a world where we’re too politically correct to do anything except for doing activities that are efficient and un-loving. We are afraid to touch each other, with our words and our arms. We only connect online and off-line we’re strangers. We can explain ourselves with actions better than words and we only fly like birds when there’s a weight lifted from your shoulders – love!

A step-by-step guide to loving people better – 

1. Start by hugging and touching your loved ones more. Parents, siblings, lovers, whoever.

2. Enjoy the silence when you’re hugging and kissing them.

3. Enjoy the fun and the noise when you’re having a good time with them.

4. Spread the love from there and be close to people around you.

There’ll always be fear and always be that awkward moment. But soon we’ll die and we’ll regret everything that we could have done and enjoyed the love that we naturally wanted to seek in the first place.

Start/. Now

photo credit: Family love via photopin (license)



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