Love and what it holds


Iv written after a long while, primarily because life was getting too much about money and too little about love. The moment I listen to Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild soundtrack I get back into love. Love, peace and happiness are our primary goal to live a better life. There is nothing else in the world that is greater than love and happiness. The Dalai Lama is right most of the times when he says happiness is paramount (although not the purpose of life – in my opinion).

What does love hold? And why should I love?

Because your brain lights up. You avoid love because you think you’re above it. But what’s the point of that game? Nothing. So enjoy love and enjoy life. If you don’t like certain things about your life, change them. You’ll feel the love flowing and you’ll finally become something you enjoy being. Don’t let feat flutter you, because wings are only strengthened against the wind. But if the wings only work and don’t fly, they become a tool to get from point A to point B.

DO something today that you love. Do something that doesn’t revolve around money.


photo credit: LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON via photopin (license)




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