Love & Desire

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What do you desire from the universe? What is your pump, what is your garden of eden where children fight like wildfire in a pennytree village? What is your next step?

You do realize that at the end of the nile is a lake, which finally settles the rapids that pour in from Africa. At the end of all desires is the clutching to survival, the moment you let go – you have an immense source of energy inside of yourself. This immense energy is that which is. It is you

It is love.

At the end of the night, there is day and then afternoon shortly proceeding evening. Why not end it all by killing yourself? We move on because we love, or we hope to love or we expect to be loved someday or another. We draw boundaries of love, and we draw limitations; we draw inquiries and we draw split-pens. We have no idea of our own potential of loving the universe and yet we find ourselves bound by our own thoughts and boundaries.

Where is the potential for loving beyond love’s love? Afterall, what else is persuant enough to pursue?

What else is the minutia of the non-existent fighting for its own dovetail?


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