Why we love

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A feeling that makes us extremely uncontrollable, and makes us believe in the impossible. The future beckons for our words and our emotions, and we as slaves toil away at the masters that grant us three wishes. Respect, money and passion. Where does life begin, and love end? Where does the never-ending laughter start and the ever-growling regret beguin?

Where is the love of a soldier for his daughter that lives safely missing her dad everyday? Where is the idea of revolution, that breathes the fire in the belly of the beast? Where are the challenges to bequeath, the dangers to espouse, and the anger to let go of completely once and for all.


You either have it or you don’t. No two ways about it. Just one. Love is that feeling that makes you wonder why you are living life. Its the icing on the cake, the rum in the pie, and the cake at the wedding reception.

Love is a feeling of being extremely free in the confines of your restrictions. Love is feeling perfectly contempt with the one that you choose to spend the rest of your time with.

Love is a river that flows to all the corners of the world, not knowing who it is or what its supposed to be. It simply flows onto itself, and flowers a desert or drowns an ego.

Its chemical nature has been studied for decades, and its neurological benefits are plenty abound, but why do we love the feeling of love?

Its the natural inclination to share love with one another, to share ourselves, to be one with the universe and all of its constituents. That’s the idea behind love. The ultimate feeling of everything being one. That’s love.

Our love for our parents comes from them being our sole guardians, and that this confined relationship brings us immense joy and compassion. Our love for movies comes from a joy in the director giving us such an amazing experience that had us gripping our seats.

Our love comes from an act that someone does for you, just because she realizes that we are one entity. A bond worth exploring, and a love worth sharing with the universe.

We love because we are.




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