What is Love?


Its a feeling, but what is it? When there’s no food in the stomach, I get hungry, and when there’s no food in the fridge I get panicked. But what’s love? Just an undulation of emotions rushing in your brain forcing you to copulate with the next best thing you spot with your eyes? Love at first sight, or a man peaking his sexual self at 27 and a woman ovulating on a particular Saturday night?

What is love?

We’ll take the merry-go-round through platonic love, since sexual love is really easy to pin-point. Platonic love between a man and a woman is when they vow to not be sexual to each other, however we continually find sons being attracted to mothers (Oedipus complex – a psychological syndrome) and incest (a common occurrence in tribal cultures), and even the most sacred bond of teacher and pupil being broken with lust through limitations. Hence, platonic love is a good way to start but a bad way to end the discussion of love.

What about sexual love? Is sex – the common sharing of pure joy and happiness, love? Well sex becomes boring after a while, and is mostly a factor of your physical condition. Older people have less sex, and younger people have sex with multiple partners.

What about the love for animals? Its probably not universal, since we choose to cook some animals and others we domesticate. We might love some animals less and others more – so its probably not universal love. Have you noticed how no culture eats cats? Dogs – yes, monkeys – yes, octupus – yes, but not cats.

Maybe love is in the mysterious – like a mysterious cat. Maybe that’s why people are obsessed with cats. Yes but when fluffy the kitten becomes rather boring after licking itself for the 5th time, the love dies out at that moment.

Well then what is love? I thought I loved my life, but here you are saying that love is not A, not B, not C, then what is love?

“Love is a feeling that two people share when they experience being one”

Now what the fuck is that?

Love in sex is all about expressing unity in pleasure. Pleasure is a feeling that everyone enjoys, and hence that experience being shared with someone makes us realise that we’re the same, and we seek similar pleasures. Love in watching the arts (movie, theatre, paintings) is all about experiencing emotions (angst, anger, lust, sadness) that are common amongst us. Two people come closer together when they share a common love for Mozart, or even the Harry Potter series. That’s love. A feeling of coming together through the realisation of commonality in the universe.

Love for life, is quite simply the┬álove for everything that comes your way – because you are one with everything else. A feeling that few can describe with logic and science, but many can describe with their feelings.

For even the round earth that you walk on, feels flat for ever and ever, but when you look towards the sky and look at the horizon shaping the sun, that’s when you realise that the game is truly about love.

And love is only the most important thing that we seek in the universe. We seek love through our work, through our families, through our jokes, through our adventures. We only seek love.


photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc



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