Loving everyone around us


Loving everyone is a difficult idea but not an impossible one. Just like slavery. Ideas spread and it takes years (hopefully not with this one), to become the new norm. It becomes the new thing, the new norm and the new feeling of passion and happiness.  We see spots of emptiness between moments where we want happiness but we feel disconnected from the day to day. We see it within us, and then we perform many acts within ourselves (thoughts, fights, facts, disdain, etc) after which we focus on different things that we want. We desire and we forget, and then the very next day we call for celebrations. We skip through things and then we find ourselves lost and forgotten.

We try our best to make a bet wirh the decil and it taks us places like we;ve never seen before. Lol. Who r wr?

Going back to our past, our teen age, our childhood, etc. We resort to our past and we’re seen as players in a mindless game. Its then that we forget our passion.

At that instant we realize that we’ve been duped. By a concept that we’ve created. Love is the thing we need.

Love is the only thing that’s separating us from the others, and love is the only thing that we’ve desired all along. When all is said and done and you’re having a great time its better with love. When everything’s going down the drain, its love that sets you up. Love.




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