Should I make my decisions with passion or with logic?

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Should I chase my dreams with passion, or should I tread carefully in the deep water and rely on my skills and instincts?

What would make you happier? Do that.

And when it stops making you happy, then don’t do that. When you see fear, listen to it. Listen to it, and find a solution. Finding a solution will help you in understanding why you fear.

Then success will be at your doorstep. If it doesn’t say hello to you, you could always blame the economy and get a “real” job. Or you can move countries, become a pilot and rule over your own kingdom. After you get bored of that, you can work as a commoner in an existing country’s jurisdiction. Its all a game in the end, so don’t stress out too much. Just take a deep breathe, and do what you already know you want to do.

Do that. And riches will follow. Until, of course you start begging for more, at which point failure success don’t count. It is only your ego that will be holding you back from accomplishing your true desires. Failure ain’t that bad also.

But all in all, a game masterfully designed to keep you hooked. So enjoy it, and don’t let up.

That still doesn’t answer the question.

Exactly, the question is in your mind. Your mind, which has already solved how to wake you up, digest your food, make your brain ask your heart to pump blood and excrete toxins from your body. It’s already figured out the options for you. Now its time for you to take the call. Remember, there are no wrong answers, if its only a game.

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