Making it big

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Making it big! That’s what people want right? Making a star of themselves and being bigger than life. Being the largest things that walked on this earth, dead or alive. Being a rock that rocks no other. Being a flame that ignites itself in the process of burning everyone and everything in-time. Being a sole that souls for no hope and no divine. Being mine, when everyone is arguing about yours and mine. If ever you existed then existence is the sole definition of your perchance.

Well, what is the big hype of being a star. Being the best. Being the baddest thing that walked the planet. Being a sole survivor, in a jungle full of hopes and dreams crushed into rocks and rubble. What is life and why does it revolve around being only into the area of happiness via achievement. Why does achievement stem from a source of hope and vanishes in a moment of despair?

Why go big, when you can perish and die and then nobody remembers you. There is no difference. Mahatma Gandhi is remembered in vain once a year, when India is not allowed to consume alcohol. This desire to make it large and die with a bang. Why?

The assumption is that you are separate from the universe and hence you desire to overcome it. But death and being ignored is what 99% of the universe is all about. Infact to creatures that are invisible to the naked eye, a human being is largely unnoticed. How dare they! They too, should feel the wrath of Khaan.

What do you hope to accomplish? Why it this endeavor of success so strong, such that when you finally get there, you don’t enjoy it. You’ve lost the battle. You’ve become what you hated most in the world.

Look at the darkness, it accounts for eternity. Look at the flash, it lasts for an essence.

photo credit: magrolino via photopin cc



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