Malice in Wonderland


Ever wonder how Heaven’s gonna be? It’s gonna be perfect. Raindeers and lollipops. And eventually, it’ll become boring.

Ever wonder how Hell’s gonna be? It’ll be brutal. Fire, torture and acid rain every 3 days. And eventually, it’ll become boring.

Repeating patterns are boring! Just like the repeating of the first two statements.

Patterns are meant to be broken, to be looked into, to be explored into their depths. We enjoy hacking into patterns that are set in stone.

We feel alive in discovering new things, because we get that much closer to the truth. The truth behind the universe, and the meaning of life. And hence, any heavenly feeling will eventually become extremely boring, and happiness will cease to be interesting. We would get extremely fed up of being happy, so much so that we would start doing things to retaliate! Like not exercising, or eating healthy, or worse – becoming religious.

People hate constant happiness. Because that life is meaningless. And people need meaning in their lives.

But why?

For in the end, life has no meaning. It’s only a game. A wonderful game created for your enjoyment. A game filled with heroes and villains, gangs and churches, life and death, and ofcourse pastries and spinach. The wonderful blend of duality, mixed with desire, and a hope that one day you would receive enlightenment.

Here’s enlightment for free – You are God. And so is everyone and everything.

Now what are you planning on doing?

Nothing. Because that’s the idea behind the universe. That the universe is only play.

A child walking through a yellow meadow, looking deep into your eyes, knowing fully well that you can end her¬†existence in the blink of an eye. And the child only laughs, because she knows that the game is up. You love her too much to bring it harm. You’re it. You’re the Supreme being, and the end all of know alls. You’re that child’s God, and in exchange she became your God at the same time. Check Mate.

photo credit: dixieroadrash via photopin cc



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