Married Spies

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Imagine that. A spy who is married to another man. That aspect of life, excites me a lot. When you live two identities. Because we all do that from time to time. We have two personas that are for work and play. But what we fail to realize is that that persona-split is one thing. It is a thing that simply seen as two depending on where it is seen from. A glass is either full or half, it isnt half-full or half-empty. It is so if you want to play a fun game with your mind.

That’s what it is these days. Life is a thing that has many labels that you can give it depending on your frame of reference. You can flip it and strip it off its labels and life just becomes a simply stimulation of the senses. This experience becomes like the way it is supposed to be.

But imagine a world where you just can’t get rid of your labels – what then? Then you must express. Because this expression is based on stimuli received from your environment – probably to help someone. Hence you live in constant confusion so that you can share your path with others. Once this desire fades away, there is nothing left.

Now, back to married spies. Imagine a Russian spy who does everything that she is supposed to do and follows the lead of the Russian army and then comes home to manage her children and husband. Blonde hair and white eyebrows. What a looker, and what a killer. That’s it. We’ve labelled her, and she’s labelled her. She too can sleep with immense peace when she lets go of her self. Because lying is the right thing to do, when you lead a double life. Now a better way of living life is to pursue it from the aspect of self-expression and going beyond labels.

You are it.

photo credit: Pedro Vieira via photopin cc



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