How to master a skill

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Mastery is only about curiosity. That natural curiosity that happens when you start talking about an idea, a revolution, or a new solution with other people. Getting their feedback and trying and testing out solutions only comes when there is no ego attached to the process of “getting the best outcome”. Mastery comes with a price, a burden even. The more you focus on mastering something, the higher the risk involved in it – incase the solution becomes redundant with the introduction of a new technology or a cheaper competitor. Here in lies the greatest misconception of mankind. A truly curios master of a skill doesn’t let go of his curiosity when times get tough.

Certain questions like “Why aren’t people buying my stuff?” , or “How can I make this better?” start arising in the mind and you want to keep tinkering and experimenting until you find the answer. Only when you’re curious, will you find out early on that people just don’t want to pay for your solution. Otherwise you’re going to be knocking your head against a wall with a closed mind and an empty spirit.

Here is the key to success – curiosity and mastery.

That’s all you’ll ever need.

photo credit: PeterThoeny via photopin cc



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