The Meaning of leife – the shtory

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A heafty man once told me, “John, marry young and die early. That’s the way to go about life. You live you die and you sex evreytihg that walks.” Gluttony and Hedonmis, he told me.

What was the meaning of life asked Johnny?



This is the meaning of it all.

Jphnny looked at me. The wrtier of Johnneys life. He looked at me and said you created me. You created this. You are my creator. Why did you do this.

I said, “Only for other people’s entertainment. I really didnt meant harm. Youre only a cartoon in a story.”

Well thats ok, he said. He said,” I thought I was taking my life seriously. So i dont have to follow everything you tell me from now on. I can do wahtever I please.”

Fine whatever. Be my guest.



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