Meaning of Shunyata – Or Nothingness

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What is the real meaning of nothingness. Buddhist keep saying – be nothing. What does that mean? Nothingness? Should we aim to become someone with no thoughts, emotions or feelings? If that’s true then what’s the purpose or point of having all your senses and thoughts? – Nothing?

Nagarjuna said, “Emptiness wrongly grasped is like picking up a poisonous snake by the wrong end.”

Or maybe he didn’t. Still makes sense. If we wrongly become silent and shut down all thoughts in our mind by ignoring thoughts or being without them – we become bitten by the snake. We get stuck.

True nothingness is like space. It sees all, and everything floats in it. All thoughts are taken into consideration, including the thought that all your thoughts are influenced by factors that are beyond your control. You can think until you can’t think any more and you fall asleep, until you start thinking again. Once you realize that you are nothing- you stop. Your end comes and you feel alive and free. That is nothing. No ego, no form, no thoughts, no labels. Once you reach here, you are it. You become nothing. Shunyata.

However, this state is a summary of everything. Therefore, something ness is also a part of this great big nothingness. Once you understand and agree that nothingness is the start of all and nothing is the end of all – you understand that you know nothing :D.

Therefore the end of all things, creates the beginning of *******TING********. The present moment. This experience. Now you know.


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